Lobster Diversity: Navigating the Different Types of Lobster

October 09, 2022
Last updated on January 11, 2023
Lobster Diversity: Navigating the Different Types of Lobster

Lobster is a delicacy that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. With a succulent and sweet taste, it's no wonder that lobster has become a favorite seafood dish for many. However, did you know that there are several different types of lobster? Each type has its own unique characteristics, habitat, and taste. In this article, we will take a closer look at the American lobster, European lobster, spiny lobster, and rock lobster to help you understand the differences and similarities between each type.

4 Different Types of lobster

As we mentioned, there are four common types of lobster. Let's take a closer look.

American Lobsters

The American lobster, also known as the Maine lobster, is the most commonly consumed lobster worldwide. These lobsters are characterized by their long, cylindrical bodies and large claws. 

They are typically found in the Atlantic waters of North America, from Canada to North Carolina. American lobsters can grow up to 4 feet in length and weigh up to 44 pounds. They have a sweet and firm meat, which makes them a popular choice for dishes such as lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and whole steamed lobsters.

European lobsters

The European lobster is one of the types of lobster that is enjoyed by many. However, compared to American lobsters, European lobsters are smaller and less commonly consumed. These lobsters are characterized by their dark blue-black color, which turns red when cooked.

They are typically found in the Atlantic waters of Europe, from Norway to the Mediterranean. European lobsters have a more delicate and sweeter taste than American lobsters, making them a popular choice for dishes such as lobster risotto, and pasta.

Spiny lobsters

The spiny lobster, also known as the Caribbean lobster or rock lobster, is found in warm waters such as the Caribbean and Central America.

Unlike American and European lobsters, spiny lobsters do not have claws. Instead, they have large antennae and spines on their body. Spiny lobsters have a sweeter and firmer meat than American and European lobsters, making them a popular choice for dishes such as lobster ceviche, and grilled lobster.

Rock lobsters

Rock lobsters are found in colder waters such as the Southern Ocean and in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They can be easily distinguished by their lack of claws, and by the spines along their body. They tend to have a more delicate and sweet flavor than other lobsters.

They are a popular delicacy in Australia and New Zealand, and you can enjoy dishes such as Rock Lobster tail and chilled rock lobster with vinaigrette.

How much are lobsters?

The cost of lobster can vary depending on the factors mentioned before, such as the type of lobster, where it's caught and the method of fishing.

Some types of lobster such as the Maine or American lobster, can be more expensive than others like the rock lobster, for example. Typically, lobsters that are caught wild are considered to be more expensive than those that are farm-raised.

Fresh, whole lobsters are often more expensive than lobster meat, which is processed and then packaged for sale. The price can also depend on the region and season. For example, lobster caught in Maine during the summer months may be more expensive than lobster caught in other regions during the winter. Additionally, prices can also be influenced by supply and demand, global trade, and distribution costs.

In general, the price of live lobsters can fluctuate depending on the time of the year and location, but generally speaking, the price can vary from around $6 to $12 per pound for live lobsters. It can go as low as $4 per pound or as high as $20 per pound or even more for some exceptional lobsters or during peak seasons.

On the other hand, lobster meat, whether it's frozen or canned, is generally more expensive than live lobster. The price can range from $20 to $40 per pound. Frozen lobster tail, which is the meat from the tail of the lobster, is typically more expensive than canned or frozen meat, which can go from $20 to $30 per pound.

Keep in mind that the prices can vary greatly depending on region, time of the year, and other factors, and that can be a good idea to check the prices at different markets and seafood retailers, as well as checking online retailers, and compare prices.

What to serve with lobsters

Lobster is a versatile seafood that pairs well with a variety of flavors and ingredients. Some popular dishes to serve with lobster include:

  • Salads: Lobster can be paired with a variety of salads such as Caesar, Greek, or mixed greens salad. The combination of the creamy dressing and the succulent meat of the lobster works well together.
  • Vegetables: Lobster can be paired with a variety of steamed or grilled vegetables such as asparagus, corn on the cob, or green beans. The sweetness of the vegetables complements the rich taste of the lobster.
  • Starches: Lobster can be paired with various starches such as potatoes, rice, or pasta. Some popular dishes include lobster risotto, lobster mac and cheese, and lobster Newburg.
  • Sauces: Lobster can be paired with a variety of sauces such as butter, lemon butter, garlic butter, or aioli. Some other options are also a simple vinaigrette, hollandaise, or a rich velouté.
  • Beverages: Lobster is often paired with white wines such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, which have a crisp and refreshing taste that complements the richness of the lobster.
  • Desserts: To end a lobster meal a sweet ending could be a traditional lobster tails dessert or also can be served with a simple fruit platter with a selection of seasonal fruits.

It's worth noting that the pairing can change depending on the way the lobster is cooked, or the specific seasoning or sauce you add to it. Also, the pairing can vary based on personal preferences and availability of ingredients.


In conclusion, each type of lobster has its own unique characteristics, habitat, and taste. American lobsters are the most widely consumed and have a firm and sweet meat. European lobsters have a more delicate and sweeter taste. Spiny lobsters are known for their lack of claws and sweeter and firmer meat.

Rock lobsters are found in colder waters, with a delicate and sweet flavor. Next time you're at a seafood restaurant or market, consider trying different types of lobster to expand your palate. You can also order online or search for local providers for more variety.

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